An unconventional schedule

Most workshops you have been to are probably more like poetry readings. People go to say their piece, hope someone appreciates it, and then they leave. This workshop is not a forum for presenting your latest results, and impressing your colleagues with fancy presentations. Here participants are expected to actively engage in the discussion sessions, without using an overhead projector, power-point presentations and pre-packaged talks. Please note: no powerpoint, and no pre-packaged slides. We will provide plenty of white-boards and colored markers for our discussions.

This workshop is aimed at identifying key problems in neuromorphic cognition and finding possible ways to solve them through interactive and creative discussions and brain-storming sessions. There are morning discussion sessions and afternoon work-groups. The goal is to discuss about relevant problems in the morning, possibly identifying key questions that can be addressed during the afternoon hands-on projects. By the end of the workshop we will demonstrate the outcomes of the afternoon work-groups, and demonstrate results from the hands-on projects.

Morning Discussion Sessions & Session Chairs

Morning discussion sessions are centered around a specific problem of the day. For each session we appointed a group of session chairs who are responsible for:

  1. coordinating the session among themselves in order to present a coherent "problem of the day" and manage a cohesive and interactive discussion;
  2. inviting key speakers among the workshop participants (or volunteering themselves) to give very short presentations to introduce the problem and set the stage;
  3. making sure that all people attending are actively involved in the rest of the discussion session;
  4. appointing a volunteer that notes down the main topics of discussions and summarizes the possible solutions identified by the end of the discussion session on the workshop wiki.

We pre-assigned some session chair names in the schedule. This is of course a first attempt. The schedule should be considered as very flexible and adaptive. It will evolve daily and adapt dynamically to the topics that get discussed during the workshop. If you feel you'd like to be added to (or removed from) the current list of session chairs, please inform Giacomo Indiveri as soon as possible.

The late afternoons and evenings are left open for hands-on projects and additional self-organized brainstorming sessions.

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