T-shirt competition

Use this page to upload your designs as *.png files (click on the "attach file" button at the bottom of this page).

The deadline for submissions is Sunday April 19

Curator's remarks regarding Borys's designs: In this amazingly innovative series of images, the Artist responds creatively to the suggestion on Matthew Cook's Thursday T-shirt. The crude drawings bring back the morning sessions, while the slogans go from the direct response (Make me think!) to more risque (Excite me! Spike me!) and a comment on the amount of food/knowledge/stuff to do (Make me burst!). The limited palette aims at simplifying the T-shirt print process and can easily be reduced to black and white. Either one design can be chosen for all, or the participants can match *their* major emotions/feelings/impressions choosing one of four. Works great for explaining time courses, phase portraits, and null-clines. A limited edition of these magnificent drawings, signed by the Artist, will be available during the workshop.

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