2015 Work-group results

  • Neuromorphic Sensors and Processing (Dan Neil) Results
  • Real-time Maze Playing and Learning with Spiking Hardware (Dan Neil) Results
  • Locust-Inspired Collision Detection on SpiNNaker (Patrick Camilleri)
  • Hardware Multiscale Heterogeneous Neural Model Simulation (Alexander Rast)
  • Real-time learning of behavior in a hybrid analog-digital system (Marc Osswald)
  • Learning to decode behaving rat's cortex with neuromorphic chips (Vito De Feo)
  • Finding spatiotemporal correlations in spiketrains with FPGA and neuromorphic hardware (Richard George) Results
  • Learning to decode behaving rat's cortex with neuromorphic chips (Fabio Stefanini)
  • Ensemble methods for classification and regression: making machine learning more neuromorphic (Fabio Stefanini) Results
  • Designing spiking recurrent neural networks performing enhanced signal restoration (Florian Schuler) Results
  • Self-construction of the brain using the simulation platform Cx3D (Cortex 3D) (Gabriela Michel) Results
  • Universal AER Communications over Ethernet for Multi-System Applications (Alexander Rast)
  • Analog synaptic circuit design competition (Dora Sumislawska)
  • Memristive nanodevices synapses: let’s build an intelligent memory! (Selina La Barbera)
  • Memristive synapses for spike timing- and rate-based synaptic plasticity! (Mostafa Rahimi Azghadi) Results
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