The changes of firing behavior of single neurons during postnatal development (Discussion group)

Early activity patterns observed shortly after birth are different from the activity present in the mature mammal. A lot of changes happen during postnatal development such as the transition of GABAergic signaling from excitation to inhibition. Another example is the Calcium plateau in the apical dendrite of neocortical pyramidal cells. Furthermore, the firing properties of cerebellar Purkinje neurons change during postnatal mouse development. In the discussion group we want to exchange our opinions about this.


Thu 30.04. at 13.30 in the Sala panorama (1st floor):
The first meeting will consider the possibility of activity-dependent processes as origin of the observed changes. We will have Yves Fregnac who you know from the plenary session this morning. He is an expert in the development of orientation selectivity in cat V1 and how it is affected by deprivation.

Fri 01.05. at 21.00 in the main lecture room (NEW location):
We discuss with Sergio Solinas the changes in firing behavior in Purkinje cells in cerebellum.

Mon 04.05. at 21.00 in the Sala panorama (1st floor):
Thanks to Saray Soldado Magraner we will discuss network activities in hippocampus during development like synchronous plateau assemblies (SPA) mediated through gap junctions and giant depolarizing potentials (GDP).

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