Self-construction of the brain using the simulation platform Cx3D (Cortex 3D)

One of the most fascinating aspects in neuroscience is how individual neuronal elements interact to assemble the brain. A few precursor cells with the same encoded genetic information replicate and generate specialized cell types yet combine to form a complex but coherent processing system. This stands in stark contrast with conventional technology, designs orchestrated by engineers that have a clear, complete, and detailed map of the system. We have studied self-construction using the java-based simulation software Cx3D, which allows an accurate physical representation of cortical development in a 3D environment.
The main purpose of this workgroup is to give a general introduction to the Cx3D simulation platform. We will first start with an explanation of the basic functions and features of Cx3D. Afterwards we will work with some basic tutorials. Finally, the workgroup attendants will have to solve a basic task based on axonal growth. This is very relevant for cortical self-assembly since it is unknown how a cell finds its synaptic target across areas and we can start studying inter-areal connectivity with this software. It is required that the attendants have Eclipse and Cx3D installed.
Successful participation in this workgroup will be rewarded with Margaritas ;).


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