Basic session

This "hands-on" session will introduce how to taste, the characteristics of fine chocolate, what to look for, where to get it, and the things you can know to proceed from interested but with limited exposure to chocolate expert. If you've not tried this before, expect much better chocolates than any you have ever had. Both milk and dark chocolates to be tried. These are all unflavoured chocolate bars. By the end you should be able to know how to choose chocolates for yourself - from amongst often bewildering choices.

Registration for the advanced and confections session

This session will introduce participants to the finer points of fine chocolate including characteristics of origins, tasting profiling, and style considerations. We will also examine some of the prominent fine chocolate manufacturers of the world. Also we will introduce the arguably more complex subject of chocolate confectionery - pralines, ganaches, bonbons, etc. (what in Italian is called, aptly, cioccolatini

Please register below. The first 7 registrants will have an assured place:

  1. Yulia Sandamirskaya
  2. Borys Wróbel [did not attend due to a conflict with a discussion group]
  3. Shih-Chii Liu
  4. Michael Hopkins
  5. Leon Bonde Larsen
  6. Jordi-Ysard Puigbò
  7. Eleni Vasilaki
  8. Bragi Lovetrue
  9. Idonae Lovetrue
  10. Giacomo Indiveri

"Is-this-fine" session

The "Is this fine" session (and beginning of the chocolate competition) was held on Sunday, 3 May. The following chocolates were tried:

Dark Chocolates
Favarger 66%
Pamaco Arriba
Amedei Grenada
Marou Bên Tre
Lindt 85%
Sprüngli Cuba
Duffy's Honduras Indio Rojo
Wawel 90%

Milk Chocolates
MilkBoy? Milk Chocolate
Duffy's Ocumare 55%

Of the dark chocolates, the group voted the following as "Fine" - and thus these advance to judging in the main competition:

Amedei Grenada
Marou Bên Tre
Sprüngli Cuba
Duffy's Honduras Indio Rojo

Also given a "seeding" from previous tastings - not tried in this session - but entered in the main competition:

Michel Cluizel Los Ancones

Of the milk chocolates, the Duffy's was judged "Fine". The MilkBoy? received exactly enough votes to fall on the borderline (net score 0). It was decided to advance both to the Finals for judging.

Bars Competition, Judging Session

All the advancing bars from the "Is this fine" session were tried and judged. Of these, 4 received scores sufficiently high to advance to the finals:

Amedei Grenada (3.82 aggregate, 3.40 award)
Michel Cluizel Los Ancones (4.12 aggregate, 3.60 award)
Sprüngli Cuba (3.96 aggregate, 3.60 award)
Duffy's Honduras Indio Rojo (3.82 aggregate, 3.60 award)

Confections Competition, Judging session

We will taste chocolate confections (small chocolates with a filling, in Italian cioccolatini) and pronounce a winner. 7 Person limit. Please register below. Those who attended the first confections session are encouraged, but not required to withdraw from this session in order to give others a chance to do confections tasting.

  1. Lukas Everding
  2. Borys Wróbel
  3. Bragi Lovetrue
  4. Leon Bonde Larsen
  5. Johannes Partzsch
  6. Fabio

The results of the competition are now available. 8 chocolates in all were tried:

Hotel Chocolat Salted Praline
Hotel Chocolat Trinidad 75% Ganache
William Curley Raspberry (Jelly/Ganache?)
William Curley Chuao (Plain Ganache)
Bonbon Aztec Spice (Cinnamon/Clove/Chilli?)
Bonbon White Chocolate Ginger
Paul A Young Ginger Biscuit
Paul A Young Salt Caramel

And the winners are:
Gold: Paul A Young Salt Caramel
Silver: William Curley Chuao
Bronze: Bonbon White Chocolate Ginger

Registration for the "Guess-That-Origin" Competition

8 Person limit. Registering gives you eligibility to win the competition for guessing the origin of the chocolate bar finalists - and hence first choice on whatever is left at the end, and a casting vote in the finals.

Chocolate bar finals are open to all - open format; we will discuss each entry (blind tasting). The identity of the finalists will be revealed after the judgings and origin selections.

  1. Leon Bonde Larsen
  2. Michael Pfeiffer

In all 8 judges competed and evaluated the chocolate competitors in the final.

The Winners are:

Gold: Michel Cluizel Los Ancones
Silver: Sprüngli Cuba

Both milk chocolates were tried. Only one was found worthy of at least some mention:

Silver: Duffy's Ocumare Milk 55%

And the winner of the "Guess-That-Origin" competition and official "Super-Judge" is Michael Pfeiffer

Many thanks to all!

A list of Fine Chocolate Shops in various European and North American destinations will be posted shortly.

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