The 2012 CapoCaccia Cognitive Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop

Capo Caccia, Sardinia, Italy, Sunday 2012-04-29 to Saturday 2012-05-12


The aim of this workshop is to provide a forum for international EU and non-EU researchers to discuss and explore concepts and methods necessary for advancing neuromorphic systems towards a more cognitive quality of behavior. We take as our foundation participants members of a group of already related EU groups that are presently and recently funded; a number of persons who have been involved in the US NSF Telluride Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop; and a number of invited guests. About 50% of the participants are doctoral and post-doctoral scientists.

The workshop is organized by the Institute of Neuroinformatics and is supported by both EU and US organizations.

Workshop Program

The 2012 Workshop will last two weeks and will involve both exciting daily interactive discussions and hands-on projects.

During the workshop, morning sessions will be characterized by discussions on a specific problem of the day, while afternoons and evenings will focus on projects and tutorials. The detailed schedule is available here.

Workshop participants

Here is the list of 2012 Workshop Participants and Participant's face page. The participant's data (such as email address and photograph) is visible only to logged in users.

Workshop venue

The 2012 workshop will take place (as usual) at the Hotel CapoCaccia on the north-east side of Sardinia, close to the town of Alghero, Italy (see map). Travel information as well as information on hotel fees, registration fee, cab ride sharing from the airport, etc. is available here.

As hotel rooms are limited, only people that have a room reservation with us can register. We already reserved rooms to participants that contacted us and provided us with the necessary information. Check here to see if you already have a room reservation. If you don't have a room reservation, or if the reservation data is wrong, please contact Giacomo Indiveri right away.

CSN Fellowships

As in previous years, the Convergent Science Network of Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems (CSN) is supporting fellowships for PhD students and post-docs that are interested in attending this year's workshop. Details are here.

Wiki Editing, Internet Access, Printing, Ubuntu Mirror, Sound System

To learn how to edit the wiki you can start here:

For information about how to get internet access, print documents and download & install ubuntu stuff, have a look at:

Information on how to use the sound system we use during discussions is available here:

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Mailing list

To make sure you receive this announcement and all other announcements relating to the capocaccia workshop please subscribe to the workshop annuncements mailing list

Workshop baby-sitting Service

In an effort to encourage mothers (and fathers and families) that are pursuing an academic career to participate, we are willing to help setting up a Workshop Babysitting Service to all registered participants (see last year pages for an example).

Workshop 2011

  • Last years page is available on 2011



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